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Where, When, What? Large Sticker Set

Updated for 2020

The Where, When, What? Sticker set comprises of 100 separate stickers and allows you to create your very own Le Mans history story on your car or van.

  • Where you stayed - 18 different campsites featured
  • When you went - choose from 1980 - 2022
  • What you traveled in - 18 modes of transport... well you might have parachuted in!!
  • Le Mans circuit and 2 x 24's
  • Lots of 'Beer consumed' stickers and some 'no entry' stickers which can be applied over other stickers as shown in the photo.

We'd welcome your suggestions for any additional elements which you would like to see supplied with this set!

The photo give an idea of sizes but in case it's not clear the circuit outline is about 450mm wide (18 inches or so)

To apply, we would recommend using a a good spray of water with a few drops of washing-up liquid so that you can slide the stickers around until they are in the correct position. Then carefully squeegee out any excess liquid and allow to dry for a few hours before driving

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