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Official Le Mans Sunstrip Sticker



We've completely re-worked our range of sunstrips and these are now supplied as curved stickers to comply better to the curvature of your windscreen. 

We've also revolutionaised how we print them! With a double layer of print to clear self adhesive vinyl, these now slightly translucent and act as a proper tinted sunstrip. 

The finishing touch for any car! These sunstrips are designed to be stuck to the exterior of the windscreen. They are supplied oversized and trimmed to shape after application. Due to the curve of most windscreens, after trimming, the applied strip will end up narrower than the supplied sticker. See Below for Video Instructions

TOP TIP!! It is possible that you will fail your MOT with this windscreen strip in place (if your wipers touch the sunstrip). If you need an MOT before travelling to Le Mans then apply this sticker afterwards :)

New - One size fits all (trim to fit). 

Actual strip max dimensions 1560mm x 275mm (once fitted the visible strip will be between 200-250mm deep in the middle, depending on the curvature of your 'screen)

NB - Only apply to your windscreen in temperatures above 15 degrees C

All designs are © StickeredUp4LeMans. The 24h Le Mans logo is © Automobile Club de l’Ouest  

Sunstrip Instructions

NB. Application Temperature 15°C plus. Do not apply during cold weather.

1. Ensure windscreen and bonnet are thoroughly clean

2. Lay your sunstrip on your bonnet... TAKE NOTE OF THE CENTRE MARK!

3. Peel the sunstrip from the backing and lay it sticky-side up on the bonnet

4. Apply water generously to both your windscreen and sunstrip

5. place the sunstrip on your windscreen & slide into position. USE THE CENTRE MARK TO ALIGN THE SUNSTRIP TO THE CENTRE OF YOUR WINDSCREEN

6. Use your fingers to ensure it is positioned evenly on each side of the windscreen

7. Use a squeegee to remove all of the water & bubbles from the sunstrip. This will take you longer than you’d think so keep going over until it’s completely stuck

8. Using a sharp blade carefully trim the sunstrip using the windscreen as a guide

9. Peel off the excess vinyl from around your sunstrip

10. Finally, dry your sunstrip with a soft cloth.