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Custom Le Mans Stickers & Decals

We'll start taking orders for Le Mans 2019 custom vinyl graphics as soon as the new range is launched.

Want something a little more bespoke? Got an idea to set you apart from everyone else? Going with a group and want to get StickeredUp together?

We've been producing the highest quality Le Mans stickers and decals for 11 years now and are recognised as the leading supplier for getting StickeredUp4LeMans! We are the ONLY company authorised to reproduce the Le Mans logo (as well as being a Gulf licensee and Radiolemans sticker partner) and with that comes a responsibility to only use the highest quality materials and to be on hand if you have ANY problems - a guarantee you simply don't get if you buy from certain auction sites!

Just send us any artwork that you have, preferably in vector format (ie created in an illustration package such as Adobe illustrator or CorelDRAW! so that we can scale the artwork to any size without loss of quality) or high quality jpgs etc. 

Our only caveat... please don't just call us and say "I'm going to Le Mans in my xyz car...what can you do for me??"... It's the question we get asked the most and we tend to run out of unique ideas after a while... so, please have some idea of what you want to achieve beforehand and we will use our expertise and experience to take it from there!

Oh, and the earlier you ask us the more likely we'll be able to accommodate you. We are frantically busy by end of May so please bear this in mind :)