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24 Hours of Automotive Heaven Sunstrip

The finishing touch for any car! These sunstrips are designed to be stuck to the exterior of the windscreen. They are supplied oversized and trimmed to shape after application. Due to the curve of most windscreens, after trimming, the applied strip will end up narrower than the supplied sticker. Full instructions are available for download here.

TOP TIP!! It is possible that you will fail your MOT with this windscreen strip in place (if your wipers touch the sunstrip). If you need an MOT before travelling to Le Mans then apply this sticker afterwards :)

TOP TIP!! If your windscreen is very curved then you will be better off with the deeper version..

Sizes available: Please measure your windscreen carefully!

1500mm x 160mm
1500mm x 250mm (Super-Deep will show more background colour above the logo)
1750mm x 145mm (Extra-Wide for big windscreens)
1750mm x 250mm (Extra-Wide and Super-Deep)

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