Official Le Mans Circuit Logo & Dates Sticker


Stuck at 2017 Prices!

The updated Official Circuit & 24h Le Mans Logo Sticker for 2018 is a single sticker printed to clear self adhesive vinyl and cut to the shape of the design.

Available as either:

Black print on clear (for light coloured cars),
White print on clear (for dark coloured cars as shown in photo),

Easy to apply and easy to remove. NB. The colour of your bodywork will be seen between the design.

Please note that whilst the adhesive is classed as clear, and will appear so when applied to bodywork, if applied to a window it will appear slightly hazy and difficult to see through. We would therefore advise against applying the large version on rear windows.

Available in 2 sizes:

LARGE approx 740mm x 295mm for doors, bonnets, rear windows etc
SMALL approx 295mm x 115mm for wings, windows etc

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