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StickeredUp4LeMans Ltd is the final metamorphosis in a journey that started back in 2002 when we first put some motorsport related stickers on our cars for the trip to Le Mans. So many people asked where we got them from... and so it began! Back then we were known as HolloGraphics Ltd and we steadily built a huge following, gaining the blessing of the ACO along the way, shortly followed by Gulf & Radiolemans allowing us to produce their stickers for them.

In 2013 we set up a new division called Stickers4 to cater solely for our online business (Stickers4 seasons, occasions, events & promotions), while HolloGraphics Ltd dealt with the custom printing side of the business. 

It has always been our intention to split the motorsport related activities of the business away from our core business, so as to stop any confusion between the different parts of our business and to allow us to grow without diluting peoples perceptions of what we do.

So here we are... StickeredUp4LeMans Ltd! You're welcome along for the ride, it's going to be a blast!

Meet the team

Dan Rye - A motorsport enthusiast and lover of stickers... his path was clear really! With motorsport flowing through his veins, courtesy of his Grandfather who was a pre-war Speedway World Champion, his love for endurance racing was cemented with a chance visit to Le Mans in 2002. Whilst there he was infected by the passion of all at Radiolemans and by the concept of man and machine battling it out for 24 hours. Apart from 2020/21 he hasn't missed a trip since and the 24 Heures du Mans has turned into a 365 24/7 affair! 

Alex Rye - Alex is the adhesive that holds us all together. Without her we'd just be a blob of goo!  As well as being the client facing member of the team who looks after the custom sticker side of the business she also has an amazing ability of keeping everything under control (by everything we mean Dan!) 

Sam Cardy - Designer, Baker, Handyman (not necessarily in that order!) Sam is one of those people that's just good at everything. Makes you sick really. Unlike his cakes which are delicious. The reason our website now looks so amazing is all down to Sam... Dan has only interferred a little bit ;) 

Poppy Vallance - Poppy is the one who really runs the show (but don't tell her that) As our production manager Poppy makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the workshop and tells Dan when he can or can't print his car stickers. Poppy is also highly proficient in whistling, or so she thinks (again, don't tell her we said that)

Bobby Stratton - Bobby is Poppy's right hand man and, in between his football & snooker playing, is printing and packing orders. If you've ordered a cut vinyl name & flag, chances are that it was Bobby's steady hand that made it for you!

Dougal & Dillon - Every office should have a dog. We've got two! But they're not dogs really. They're teddy bears, or Ewoks! Useless too. Can't even make a coffee. Cute though, and always a talking point when we have visitors..."Ooh, what are they??"