Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you question hasn't been answered then feel free to give us a call and we'll put your mind at rest!


Q. Can you print custom stickers?

A. Yes of course! Our main business is the production of custom printed stickers and that's what we do best! We can either print directly from your artwork or, using your ideas, we can generate artwork for you. Have a look at our custom Le Mans sticker page

Q. Are your stickers easy to apply?

A. Yes! Different types of stickers require different application methods but all are easy providing you follow the simple instructions.

Q. Can I apply them myself?

A. In most cases yes but you may find an extra pair of hands usefull if you are applying large strapline stickers or sunstrips.

Q. Do I need any special tools?

A. Depending on what type of sticker you are applying will dictate what tools you need. To cover most scenarios we would recommend a household water spray, some masking tape and s sharp knife (for trimming the excess away from sunstrips) The only item we would recommend you buy is a good quality felt squeegee

Q. When is the last date for orders

A. This year (2016) Le Mans is a week later than last year so you will have until Friday 10th June to place your orders.Please note that we will  be closed from Tuesday 14th June so please use a tracked delivery service to ensure that you receive your delivery on time.

Q. Are your stickers easy to remove?

A. Yes! So easy in fact. All you need to do is apply some heat (either a heat-gun on a low setting or by pouring very hot water over the sticker) which will soften the adhesive to reduce the tension when you pull the sticker off. If you soften the adhesive enough then the sticker will come away with virtually no effort.

Q. Are your stickers safe? I've heard of instances where lacquer and/or paintwork has been removed.

A. Let us reassure you that as the only company licensed to print Le Mans stickers we have a responsibility to ONLY use top quality materials from trusted manufactures such as 3M, Avery and Hexis to print all of our Le Mans stickers and decals. It would be foolish of us not to! These materials are designed to be stuck onto vehicles and providing you follow these simple guidelines then you will be fine:

  • Follow all instructions carefully
  • Don't apply to paintwork that has previously been resprayed (unless you can vouch for the quality of the work)
  • Don't apply over Armourfend protective coverings
  • Make sure you follow the removal instructions carefully and heat the sticker to soften the adhesive before pulling the sticker off.

Please note that you apply any stickers at your own risk and we can't be held responsible for any damage that might be caused.