Official Le Mans 24h Le Mans Side-Stripes Stickers


New for 2018

Simply apply to the bottom of your door panels for the ultimate super-car look. Each set comprises of 2 stripes, each 2.3m long, one for the driver's side and one for the passenger's side.

Each side is printed as single piece to clear self-adhesive vinyl for easy application. We recommend having a friend on hand to assist with application due to the length of these stickers.

Available as either:

Black print on clear (for light coloured cars),
White print on clear (for dark coloured cars as shown in photo),

Easy to apply and easy to remove. NB. The colour of your bodywork will be seen between the design.


Each stripes measures 2.3m long x 130mm tall. One size fits all (well most... if you need a longer size then please let us know!)

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