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Behind the scenes: using 3D models

New for 2022- 3D Modelling!

We are always looking to push the boundaries with the products we can offer our customers and for our 2022 comeback we've pulled out all the stops.

In order to create more true to life details in our products we have utilised 3D design techniques and started to transform some fan favourites into more realistic, detail rich stickers.

We have started with a product that has never quite had the impact we wanted it to: the WEC Class Position Indicators. Replicating a physical element of a car, let alone one that lights up, is hard at the best of times, but with 3D modelling we can create incredibly detailed artwork with shadows, reflections, and lighting effects that look real. 

From the main body of the housing to the LEDs that look like they are actually glowing and the small gloss black sensors, we have ensured that these designs look as authentic as possible. We think you'll be seriously impressed with what we've achieved.

 Close Up Detail of 3D Render